A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

A letter printed in the Houston Chronicle to-day

In the Letters section of the Chronicle, Jim Robertson writes:

The Page One article "Obama's preferred address begins with http, not 1600" on Nov. 9 pointed out the opportunities that the Obama administration plans to use via the Internet to connect directly with the American people [via Change.gov, Obama's transition team's website -- KT]. The technology is available and can be utilized. However, one aspect of the story gave me great pause.

As long as reporters are taking the information provided by the administration and then questioning, verifying and reporting it, there is the opportunity to raise the points of opposing views and scrutinize what they are being told before reporting it. The reader can then weigh what they learn as he or she reads the story. On the other hand, when the information goes directly to the reader, any opportunity for an unbiased intermediary to report additional, pertinent information or viewpoints is gone. This results in the administration completely controlling information. In some societies this is known as propaganda.

It is ironic that President-elect Barack Obama, who many feel has been treated very favorably by the media during his campaign, is planning to completely bypass the media when communicating with the American people.

I don't think this guy understands how the internet works, or how media works, or the fact that every media outlet in existence has its own website on which they can report about change.gov to their heart's content, or the fact that the White House has its own website anyway, which has been in existence since the beginning of Bill Clinton's second term.

Heck, this guy doesn't seem to have much experience with non-gender-specific pronouns, either. "The reader can then weigh what they learn as he or she reads the story"? Ugh.

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