A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Cruise control works!

Yesterday I went to San Antonio for one night. I did it mainly to test the new cruise control feature I had installed in my car, but I also wanted to see the Riverwalk again, and November is a good month for that; not too swelteringly hot.

So yesterday I headed out around noon. The cruise control works great, and I got the hang of it easily! It also makes driving much less stressful and easier on my foot (and much less likely for me to get caught speeding, because the cruise control doesn't have my bad habit of letting the speed creep up accidentally).

So it was a good day! Cruise control works, I had a good dinner at Casa Rio on the Riverwalk, and Obama is our new President. After dinner, I decided to see a movie.

That's my actual ticket stub in the corner.
Zack & Mir

Today I had lunch at the Rivercenter food court at Little Tokyo (bleah, tough fibrous food court chicken; when will I learn?), checked out and drove home, giving myself more practice with the cruise control. I'll be ready for MFF in a few weeks!

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