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Diary mini-update

I just remembered a funny moment from Megaplex that I'd left out of the diary! So I drew an extra panel for it and inserted it on page 30. What happened was that when Roxikat, Rakhan and I were at IHOP, sitting, eating and chatting, Roxi mentioned On Earth My Nina by They Might Be Giants. I happened to know it by heart, so we sang it together, causing Rakhan to get a rather bewildered look on his face.

(On Earth My Nina, from TMBG's mp3-only album Long Tall Weekend, has a strange story behind it. John Linnell wrote a song called Thunderbird, then played it backwards on a reel-to-reel tape recorder JFTHOI, and thought he heard the phrase "on Earth my Nina" in there. So he wrote a song called On Earth My Nina that sounded like Thunderbird backwards.)

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