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Whataburger disses nuggets

Whataburger's commercial for its new chicken strips is the latest in a long proud line of ads and comedy routines that attempt to sour people on the idea of "chicken nuggets". In this ad, a professional Guy Standing Outside Somewhere asks people to look up "nugget" in the dictionary he's brought along, where they find it means "a lump of metal" ("Would you want to eat a LUMP of METAL?" "Gosh, Mr. Guy Standing Outside Somewhere, no I would not!"), and then he asks them what nuggets make them think of, vs. what chicken strips make them think of. (Nuggets: Processed chicken meat. Eww! If it's not anatomically recognizable, it can't possibly be edible! Chicken strips: Yummity-yum non-nuggety goodness!)

Ya know what chicken strips make me think of?

Those inedible bits of tendon and gristle at the end. Y'know, the bits they get rid of when making chicken nuggets. (Okay, maybe not at McDonald's...) :}

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