A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Why you should never forbid pie

Hoo boy.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to an investment advisor or broker or whatever he is, who has an office down in Pearland. After a boring (to me, anyway) hour and a half spent in his office talking about stocks, bonds, CDs and whatnot, we decided to go to a place down the street called the Busy Bee, which Mom knows about and says they have really good pie.

Unfortunately, when we were only a couple of blocks away from it, there was a big traffic jam. As we crept forward, I could see why: just beyond the traffic light, there was a police car sitting with lights flashing, blocking the right lane, and letting cars through one at a time. As we got closer, I guess whatever the situation was must have changed, because the police car pulled to the left and blocked both lanes, and wouldn't let anyone by. And they were between us and pie.

Two police officers were waving everybody onto the cross street. As we turned right onto the cross street, I looked but couldn't see what the roadblock was for. An accident? A downed power line? A crime scene? Had it suddenly become illegal to eat pie? I couldn't tell. I saw a crane sitting on the other side of the street further up ahead, with its arm out near the power poles, but I couldn't tell what it was doing, whether it had any connection to whatever the incident was, or whether it had pie.

So we drove down the side street a block or so, turned around and headed back the way we came, giving up on the idea of getting pie.

Back in Houston as we were heading home, Mom's pie-deprived mind got a little distracted and almost went through a red light. We screeched to a halt. Then we got hit from behind! We both pulled off onto the cross street (all these cross streets are making me cross!), examined the damage and exchanged information. The guy's Honda didn't do much damage to our minivan; just a few scratches and some paint. The front end of his car had some definite denting and cracking, and his front license plate had come off. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

But this never would have happened if we'd been allowed to have pie!

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