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I bought a DVD player!

Finally! It's the kind that can hold 5 discs at once, just like my CD player.

Now I can watch DVDs! Fortunately I have some, because I've been buying them, knowing someday I'd have a player. I tested it out on "Animusic", and then a copy of the Further Confusion Furry Variety Show that tjcoyote sent me (and in which I performed! I was the Guy Without A Fursuit.)

In other news, here's me googled according to http://www.googlism.com :

kt is a princess superstar
kt is a sensation
kt is the greatest
kt is not allowed to move like a bs as shown above with red marks
kt is the right penpal for mmmmmeeeeeeee
kt is unique and may exhibit the above characteristics to differing degrees
kt is on the top 40 list
kt is different
kt is radiant with showiz glow
kt is to provide specific game details and requirements for colorado lottery game number 134
kt is finding that they "have no one to
kt is about to prove there's black ink in broadband
kt is captain of public relations
kt is exact for surfaces that are infinite
kt is a small piece of plastic
kt is designed to withstand thermal shock and chemical attack
kt is a choreographer and director who feels she really began to flourish when she created odc's production of the velveteen rabbit and when she started her
kt is not known
kt is a complex disease
kt is required to meet and the corresponding penalties for not meeting such levels
kt is famous for maroing
kt is near zero the boltzmann factor is also small
kt is able to sell the 11
kt is to be completed in 1 or 2 months
kt is leading the korean market
kt is rc
kt is an abbreviation for knots
kt is on this album
kt is somehow priced lower than its competition
kt is not responsible for the content of those sites
kt is pending
kt is 60 days from expiring
kt is the person in charge of the entries
kt is large so exp
kt is in kev

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