A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Only an expert can deal with the problem

Laurie Anderson's show was good, though I wish I hadn't been so drowsy; I had trouble keeping my eyes open for about half of it (and it was almost all slow meditative stuff, hoo boy). Maybe dinner was too heavy; I shoulda gone for sushi instead of burgers. Also I got to the Wortham Center 15 minutes before showtime and it didn't look like I was going to have time to buy a shirt before the show started, and after the show the guy was all out of XXLs, waah. But I did buy an autographed book.

Laurie Anderson performed several songs, such as Only an Expert Can Deal With the Problem, and told stories, such as how one time here in Texas, the NRA campaigned to get women to carry handguns in their purses for self-protection. And Gov. Ann Richards said, "Now, I'm no sexist, but there is no woman in Texas who could find a handgun in her purse." The audience laughed.

Laurie played her electronic violin and a synth, and she was accompanied by three other musicians, playing cello, bass guitar and keyboard. It was a more somber, less showy production than previous performances. There were no films or slides projected on the screen behind her. But she did use her low-pitched Voice of Authority a few times, and at one point she put on her glasses with contact microphone and played her head like a drum.

At the end of the show, she and the other musicians stood up and took a few bows, left the stage, and then Laurie came back out for an encore and played a solo on her synth violin.

Then I returned to my car and tried to figure out how to get on the freeway. I didn't manage it and just drove Main Street all the way home. I hate going downtown! :}

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