A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

The Toy Giant

There's this company called The Toy Giant, whom I recently bought a toy from: a Pixar Cars diecast character, specifically a modern-style police cruiser named Axle Accelerator (as seen in the "Hey, no cameras!" scene). Axle Accelerator arrived in my mailbox yesterday... and I found that The Toy Giant had done something for which I want to leave feedback.

The packing slip had two one-dollar bills taped to it, and a handwritten message: "$2.00 Shipping Refund - Amazon's system is allowing to[sic] much for shipping - partial refund".

Well, hey! They just earned some positive feedback.

How do I give it, though? Amazon has in the past emailed me saying "Leave feedback about these sellers", but I haven't gotten such an email yet this time around.

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