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Finally finished a big project! (plus art-related musings)

Spent the afternoon and much of the evening finally finishing the portfolio for michaelmink. Whew! Mike, if you're reading this, you know where to find the images.

(Actually, it's not quite finished... one of the captions got mangled before I could tape it down on the paper, and my attempt to transfer the large text TIFF to the other computer to print it out again failed, so there's still that to do.

Also... now that I look at it, I think it'd look nice and snazzy with pencil shading. But that'll take another long while. It could be the supreme test of my new-found anti-laziness skills! If I can get all three portfolios shaded up nice in less than 2 years, then, um, yaay me! I think I'll have a go at it. How's that sound, Mike?)

Other projects: I've still got a CD cover for a friend and the AC '02, FC '03 and PPMP diaries to complete, and I think I'll complete them in that order. (Wheee, I love the ACRONYM tag!)

I also think I've got an answer to my question of how to handle commissions... every now and then someone asks me how much I charge, but I've never taken the time to work out prices. But what I think I'm gonna do is not accept commissions. I'll still draw stuff for people, for free... but only if I feel like it. I'm just really bad about getting them done.

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