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It's an aerial view of the neighborhood, an aerial view for a neighbor, can't you see mine?

Got this idea from xydexx. It's an aerial photo of my section of town, with important landmarks and places identified.

View my neighborhood... from SPAAACE!

1. My house. Not really visible in this picture, but if I zoomed in close enough to see it, almost none of the other landmarks in this list would be visible.
2. Longfellow Elementary, where I went to school from 1st to 5th grade.
3. Braes Bayou
4. The Astrodome - I've only been there once, and it wasn't to see a game (I have no interest in sports). My mom volunteered to help run a concession stand, so I went along and amused myself browsing the gift shops. It's mainly interesting to me as a visual landmark (except that now the new Reliant Stadium blocks my view of it!)
5. Astroworld, where I spent many summer days as a kid.
6. Waterworld, where I also went often, and which wasn't even built when I started going to Astroworld.
7. Chuck Davis Chevrolet, where I bought both my cars, both used Cavaliers. (I wrecked the first one, so I bought another almost exactly like it.)
8. Rice University, where I spent 5 years and left without actually graduating. The most important thing I learned there is that computer geeks are really cool, and their knowledge is very useful... but they can also be very boring to listen to.
9. Sid Rich - short for Sid V. Richardson College. For some reason, the dorms at Rice are called "colleges". Sid Rich was the one I lived in.
10. The Village, the shopping neighborhood where I get my film developed at Wolf Camera and sometimes eat lunch.
11. The post office
12. Hermann Park
13. Miller Outdoor Theatre. I've never actually seen any shows there, but the building has this cool angular roof over the stage!
14. Houston Museum of Natural Science
15. Houston Zoo - went there a few times as a kid. Went back recently for a furry get-together!
16. South Loop 610. I often take this to get to the Galleria (which is just off the northwest corner of this picture).
17. US Highway 59. I'm often on this freeway too, but not usually this section of it.
18. TX 288. I usually take this to get to 59, which I then take to get to Houston Intercontinental Airport. (Oh, excuse me, Bush Intercontinental Airport. >:P )
19. The University of Texas School of Public Health building where my mom worked until she retired recently.

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