A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Hurricane Arglebargle, Day 6

9:05 a.m. at Borders at the Galleria. Still no power at home.

For a few days, Kroger has been opening at 8 am, leading people through a line demarcated by huge flowerpots and other large objects, and selling bags of ice from a huge stack in the produce department. I've been buying ice there (except on Tuesday, when Mom's friend Joyce had a bunch of ice from her icemaker ready to give to me. She got her power restored on Sunday, sheesh.)

Today Kroger is finally starting to look normal again. They took away the flowerpot queue, and the ice is available in the ice cooler at the front of the store again; though it's a good thing I showed up at 8 am, because it was going fast!

About 3/4 of the city still doesn't have power. Apparently there is a *lot* of damage to power lines that has to be cleaned up. On Buffalo, north of Braes Bayou, there's a huge tree that's fallen over and pulled down the power lines next to it. They're still connected to the poles at both ends, but pulled down into a V shape like the line in that Pixar short "For the Birds" when the huge goony bird lands on it. That tree is also mostly blocking the street, and cars have to shift into the left-turn lane to get around it. Need to avoid driving that way for a while.

Oh, speaking of trees, the tree that was blocking our street has been removed! Not by the city, but by a smiling neighbor with a chainsaw. Yay!

More and more restaurants are open. Our favorite Chinese place, China Stix, still isn't (waah), but every place in the Galleria food court is except Chili's (though I haven't been that way today yet; it may open today, who knows).

I'll see about coming here to the Galleria three times a week to get caught up on internet stuff until we get our power back. That, btw, is estimated to be sometime next week.

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