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Day 4 of the post-hurricane arglebargle

We still don't have electric power; I'm posting this on my laptop at the Borders in the Galleria.

Saturday: Mom spent the day listening to the news on her battery-powered radio. Apparently millions of people and businesses lost power. Word is, it could take weeks to fully restore power to the city. I spent the day sitting in a chair, doing crossword puzzles, and sweating. Later I went out to have a look around. The intersection of Main and Kirby still had power, which is good because there are some restaurants there. I drove around some more and bought some bottled water. Fallen trees and limbs all over the place. Hardly any broken windows, at least.

Sunday: A few restaurants were open for business, and they were jam-packed with hungry customers. We had lunch at Pappas Barbecue (no apostrophe; it's owned by the Pappas family), and it took over an hour just to get food. Later in the day I took a nap, then tried to go out to get food. I remembered seeing Lenny's Deli open, but it apparently closed just as I was driving up. Schlotzsky's was open, but even more crowded than Pappas was earlier. I went back home and made a sardine sandwich by flashlight. That night, a cool front came through, which helped.

Monday: I waited in line at Kroger's, got ice and bread, then spent most of the day here at the Galleria. Had lunch at Ninfa's. Saw people all over the place checking their laptops and cellphones.

I wish I knew when they're going to turn our power back on. I understand why it's taking so long and why they can't give estimates, but it's getting infuriating. I didn't get my laundry done before the storm, and I'm going to run out of clean clothes soon. (Maybe the laundromat on Old Spanish Trail will be open. Must check it out.) We can't use the fridge (we'll need to throw out all that meat and frozen veggies), we can't use the dishwasher (Mom washed some dishes by hand; maybe I should wash some), and we can't use our computers. I spend my evenings doing crossword puzzles until it gets dark, then I do them by flashlight. I go to bed not because I am sleepy, but because I'm tired of holding the flashlight.

I'm getting mighty sick of this.

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