A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Flag on the Moon. How did it get there?

Y'know who's an idiot?

Moon-landing-hoax conspiracy theorists are an idiot.

Last week, Mythbusters took on the contingent of crackpots who claim we never went to the Moon and that all the famous footage of Neil, Buzz & co. bounding about on the Moon's dusty grey surface was filmed in a soundstage.

One of my favorite parts was when Tory, Kari and Grant busted the myth that the flag can be seen waving because wind is blowing on it, which means it wasn't filmed on the airless Moon. The Mythbusters team went to NASA and set up a flag in a vacuum chamber. First they waved it about in the air; the flag wafted gently back and forth and soon came to a stop. Then they sucked out the air and waved it around in a vacuum. This time it flapped all over the place, like a swinging chain! Myth busted!

And just today it occurred to me: The crackpots claim the flag was blown around by wind. But they also claim it was filmed on a soundstage. WHERE, THEN, WOULD THE WIND BE COMING FROM, if they were filming inside a BUILDING? Building interiors don't tend to be plagued by nor'easters and Santa Anas. Maybe someone turned on an air conditioner and the fan was pointing at the flag. But if you were a film director tasked with faking the planting of the flag on an airless lunar surface, wouldn't you make sure to turn off the air blower first? In fact, wouldn't you even make sure not to have any wind machines on the premises at all?

Clearly, moon-landing-hoax conspiracy theorists are an idiot who assumes that everybody else is as much of an idiot as they is.

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