A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,


manawolf has tasked me with naming ten things I love that begin with Q. I think I've managed it.

  1. Queen - A Night at the Opera
  2. Quick traffic
  3. Quizno's Turkey Lite (which they don't list on the menu anymore but I can get it by asking for turkey on wheat with red wine vinaigrette)
  4. Quiet moviegoers
  5. Quotable movies
  6. Quart of freshly-squeezed Tropicana orange juice (*not* from concentrate. The concentrated stuff is just *nasty*.)
  7. Quacking ducks
  8. Q from Star Trek
  9. Q5's theme music by Spike Milligan (a friend sent me an mp3 of it; Spike goes crazy, jabbers and whales on a piano, and yet it's all tuneful somehow)
  10. Questions I can answer

If you'd like a letter to do this in your own LJ with, please ask for one in a comment. If you post a comment but don't specifically ask for a letter, you won't get one, and THEN where will we be?! HUH?!? That's what I THOUGHT!!

Ahem so anyway, how 'bout that alphabet, eh? Boy it can sure spell things!

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