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I had a thought today...

I had a thought today...

You know how sometimes someone will say "I'm proud to be gay" and someone else will say "That's a dumb thing to be proud of, it's not a personal accomplishment, it's just something you happen to be", and then he'll name something else that nobody ever admits to being proud of, like having freckles or hemorrhoids or something?
Well, it occurs to me that by the same argument, it's also dumb to be proud to be an American, or a Canadian, or a Texan, or whatever... unless of course (in the case of a country) you're an immigrant who worked and studied and passed the test and were granted citizenship.
Which means that when someone expresses pride in something that's not a personal achievement, such as being gay or being a furry or whatever, it's more in the sense of not being ashamed, not letting others ridicule you for it.
That's all, really.

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