A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,


This sample of badly OCR'd text is hilarious:

LOSE TIME IN SUBWAY. LOSE TIME IN SUBWAY. Investitures in England. From London Truth. Tile King has made an important change inI the regulations for investitures. Hitlerto the order tns been: "o insignia are worn by gentlemen ,vho are to be invested." In future, hob ever, the recipients of honors are to wear any order-=, decorations, or medals which they may have received. Inves: are now State ceremonials. Queen Victoria observed semiState if the function was at 'V'indsor Castle, But at O.borne there was a considerable reduction in the ceremonial, with fewer members of the Court in attendance. It is understood that next yeal' the periodical investitures el the Bath, the St. Michael and St. George, the Indian Orders, and the military decorations wlll be held by the King in the Throne Room at St. James's Palace. Queen Victoria usually investitures to the higher el ases o the several brders -- l e., Knights Grand Crosses and Knights ! Commandel's. ii The King,. how. e.er;' :h a i-d!yl Coilns?nted' to[: :th? om; :.pl Ons ;;Of. . :[6de .rs;!( wh: are ? tn .tro du.lc. :: !nto: ; hi :!Majesty,s f p$gence in:-:;:: S =vJt? ,':

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