A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Went out today to get three things: the Freakazoid S1 DVD set, the Tiny Toons S1 DVD set, and Kate Bush's album "The Dreaming". I got them all, but I ended up having to go to a different store for each one.

Ever since Cactus Records and Wherehouse Music closed down, the Galleria-area Best Buy has been my go-to place for music and video. I went there (and met psychedelicwolf whom I hadn't seen in a while!) and found Tiny Toons, but no Freakazoid. Just a suspicious gap in the most likely place it would have been. Also, they didn't have "The Dreaming".

I asked a clerk to check the computer for me, and he found that they were sold out of Freakazoid. In fact, this was apparently the only Best Buy in the region that was sold out of it! So he recommended I try the one in Sharpstown.

I drove over to Sharpstown, which has a reputation for a high level of gang and crime activity, but I figured in broad daylight I'd be safe. I went into Best Buy and found Freakazoid right away, but they didn't have any Kate Bush CDs at all.

Well, Sharpstown may be filled with gangsters at night, but in the daytime it seems to be filled with idiots. There was one cashier and she was dealing with three guys (hell, I'll come out and say it: three young Hispanic dudes) who were apparently having trouble paying for their purchase. Credit card turned down? Credit card forgotten at home? I don't know, but they eventually scraped up some $50 bills to pay with, and the cashier held each one up to the light to check it.

I actually didn't have to wait all that long, because another cashier showed up to check me out. I decided to speed things up by paying cash. That didn't work. She apparently got confused while trying to figure out my change, and had to call another cashier over to help. The total was $27.05, and I gave her $30 (a ten and a twenty), and from a glance at her first attempt at giving me a receipt, it looked like she mistakenly entered it as $20.30 instead of $30.00. Eventually the two cashiers got straightened out and gave me my change, and I left.

Then, heading down the parking lot towards the street, I had to watch for idiots driving across the empty rows of parking spaces at high speed. Fortunately I didn't get hit. Still, I was glad to get back on the freeway and get out of that shithole. (Sharpstown has a mall that I used to go to a lot when I was a kid, but as the area declined over the years, I stopped. The last I heard of Sharpstown Mall was a TV ad from a decade or so ago in which a friendly animated porcupine mascot touted the mall's well-lit parking garage and friendly helpful security guards who'll see you safely to your car. This is not a good sign.)

Still eager to find a copy of "The Dreaming" by Kate Bush (whom I like a lot better than a certain other Bush who lives in a house that's white), I drove over to Cactus Records, which has recently opened at a new location. I may start going there instead of Best Buy. They had one copy of "The Dreaming"; they might have even had Tiny Toons and Freakazoid! I wish I'd thought to check. Oddly, though they were open, the overhead lights were off, which gave the place a certain atmosphere but made browsing the titles a little difficult. Apparently someone accidentally turned the lights off and they had to wait for them to warm up again or something.

Whatever; I finally had everything I wanted and went home.

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