A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Day 3: Ogden to Laramie

Well, either they finished some of that construction on I-84/I-80 in Utah, or I just misremembered how much there was. Today was a pretty good day except for a leak I had to deal with.

I bought a gallon jug of water and put it on the back seat floor. During yesterday's drive, it fell over. Guess what; those gallon jugs don't have leakproof caps. The mat was wet, and the floor under it was wet. The 12-pack box of Mt. Dew was also wet (no problem there; there were only five left and I put them in my cooler). Sigh.

I put the floor mat in the trunk and kept stuff off the left side floor. Then I bought a new jug of water and put it in the trunk in that little net thingy that stretches across, and stuffed towels in to make sure the jug would stay upright. Fortunately it worked. Hopefully tomorrow things will be drier in there.

So here I am in Laramie and I finally have the perfect combination: Wi-fi in a first-floor nonsmoking room.

This is the halfway point of the trip home. Tomorrow: Raton, NM.

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