A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

This is what the internet is for!

So my shoulderbag was weighing me down and hurting my back yesterday, so I decided to lighten the load a bit this morning, in the course of which I made an unpleasant discovery: my auto insurance card, which I'm apparently required by law to have with me whenever I'm driving, was not in the folder in my bag where I thought it was. Apparently it got left behind in Houston. So apparently I drove all the way here to Seattle without my papers in Ordnung. Ach du lieber! Good thing I didn't get pulled over anywhere along the way, eh?

So what the hell do I do about this? Goddammit first my back gets sore, now this shit! Hmm... wait, there's gotta be a State Farm office here in Seattle. Maybe they can help me. Go to statefarm.com, there's nothing on the website that'll help me. How about a phone number so I can contact a human being or other intelligent entity? Can't find anything on the site. Back to Google. "state farm phone numbers". Here we go, an agent locator! "Seattle WA". There's a bunch of offices listed.

So I called the first one on the list, and talked to an agent and she said she'd call my agent back in Houston and get back to me. So while I waited for the phone to ring again, I looked at the Seattle agent's listing, clicked "Map", and now I know where they are and I can go there. Eventually she called back with news of faxed insurance cards from Houston. Whew! I shall go pick them up today and get my vacation back into a less ruined state.

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