A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Road trip day 2: Wichita Falls to Raton

So apparently this "not every room has wi-fi" problem is going to be a regular thing with Motel 6. I think it would be more appropriate if motel6.com bore a big red label warning "LARK'S VOMIT!" Er, I mean "NOT EVERY ROOM HAS WI-FI SO ASK WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATION!" Guess I better call ahead to the other places I'll be staying at. I'm posting this from the McDonald's near the motel here in Raton, New Mexico.

Last night I was definitely in redneck territory (Wichita Falls). Around 1 am, I heard hooting and hollering and loud pops outside, and saw flashes of light. Apparently some idiots got drunk or something and decided to tear through the Motel 6 parking lot shooting off bottle rockets. I also later heard they smashed someone's rear windshield. Not mine, fortunately. Fucking redneck assholes. I also heard someone yelling at them about calling the police. Good thing, so I didn't have to.

The trip today was relatively uneventful, but hot and dry. Also a bit scary, as US 87 is an undivided highway with one lane each way and a speed limit of 65 for parts of its length. Fortunately, starting tomorrow, the rest of the trip will be all interstates.

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