A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

New couch

Heck of a time for it, what with me needing to get ready for Anthrocon, but today we went couch shopping. The couch in the front room is old and worn out and Dad has a hard time getting up from it these days. So off we went to Gallery Furniture. (If you've ever heard of Mattress Mac here in Houston, this is the place he runs. "GalleryFurniturereallywill SAVE! YOU! MONEEEEY!")

We couldn't find any couches the same size as our existing one, which is 82 inches long. Apparently they don't make them that size anymore. Most of their couches are at least 94 inches. We considered buying a love seat, which after all is just a short couch, but they were all too short for Dad to stretch out on. So, we finally found a couch that matched all our other specifications, and paid for it.

The good thing about Gallery Furniture is that they have same-day delivery; we should be getting it tonight (and, to Mom's delight, they'll cart the old one away and save us the bother of unloading it). The bad thing is, to make the new one fit, we have to get rid of the storage table at the end of the couch, and we had to do that today. Then we realized we'd have to move the bookcase by the interior archway so the delivery guys can get the couch in. We just finished emptying the storage table and moving it, and emptying the bookcase. Whew, lotta work! I'm not gonna move the bookcase, though, I'll let the delivery guys do that. Anyway I'm going to have to sweep the floor under the old couch before they put the new couch in place.

So, tomorrow I get ready for Anthrocon and pack. Thursday I fly to Pittsburgh, and then Friday thru Sunday I annoy all my friends by blathering endlessly about singing chipmunks. Yay!

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