A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Song Meme brought to you by the letter... W

- Reply to this post, and I'll assign you a letter.
- List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5-10 songs that start with that letter.
- Post that to your journal with these instructions.

shell524 gave me the letter W.

1. With a Little Help from my Friends, The Beatles
2. Watching the Detectives, Elvis Costello
3. Wheels, Cake
4. Week on the Rag, Arlo Guthrie
5. When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down), Great Big Sea
6. Who Said the World Was Fair, Hall & Oates
7. What Am I Doing Hangin' Round?, the Monkees
8. Why Did You Grow a Beard, TMBG
9. We're All Light, XTC
10. What to Do, OK Go

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