A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Chipmunks again!

Remember I said the movie "Alvin & the Chipmunks" has a scene with the chipmunks taking off their clothes onstage? Well now I have the framegrabs to prove it!

Upon finding out that Dave has returned, Alvin strips as a show of rebellion against the evil and selfish "Uncle Ian".
Alvin explains the statement he's making, and Simon joins in.
Then Theodore joins in, managing to look unbearably cute while doing it.
Then they all jump right out of their shoes.

Here are some other images I grabbed while I was at it:

Theodore has had a nightmare, and wants to sleep with Dave (no, not like THAT, ya pervs). Dave says it's OK as long as he stays on the other side of the bed, but as soon as he drifts off, Theodore curls up on his shoulder and looks unbearably cute.

Dave takes the chipmunks shopping. In this scene, they're... well, they're looking unbearably cute, is what.

And here's a buncha LJ icons if anyone's interested:
I want a hula hoop Alvin dances a hula while wanting a hoop.
The Michigan J. Frogging The chipmunks get stage fright when Dave tries to show them off to Ian, thus Michigan J. Frogging Dave.
AAAAAGH!! Alvin, showering in the dishwasher, pulls the ol' Bugs Bunny "AAAAAGH" routine.
AAAAAGH!! animated version Animated version.
Say cheese! Dave and the chipmunks get their picture taken.
Ian kisses a chipmunk Ian (David Cross) kisses a chipmunk.
The Judy Garlanding Ian puts the chipmunks through a grueling tour schedule that takes its toll on their young constitutions, thus Judy Garlanding them.

And here's a fuller version of the "I want a hula hoop" scene just because I felt like it.

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