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Willard and photos

I went and saw "Willard", starring Crispin Glover, today. Very creeepy.

However, it's one of those movies where the settings are all ugly, old, decaying, and dark... and it's relentless about this. Willard's house, his office, his mom, even the hospital he ends up in, are all dingy and dismal. (Yes, his mom! She's a wrinkled frail old overprotective bedridden crone.)

It does feature Crispin Glover being tightly wound and going crazy, though, which he's very good at. Oh, and it's got R. Lee Ermey being nibbled to death by rats! Thousands of 'em! Can't go wrong there. Also, it's got a nod to the original movie: Willard's late father's face, seen in a picture, is that of actor Bruce Davidson, who played the original Willard. (Mind you, I haven't seen the original; I only know about that from the movie review in the Houston Chronicle.)

After the movie, I picked up some photos. See, yesterday I went out and took some photos of two structures here in Houston: the Burger King sign on Kirby, and the postmodernist Darque Tan building on Richmond & Fountainview. The Burger King sign is in the old style, where it looks like the words are in a hamburger bun. I thought I'd photograph it while it still exists, in case the company decides one day to tear it down and put up a sign with the new logo, where the words look all dynamic inside a circle with a swooshy blue line around it.

The Darque Tan building, as I said, is Postmodernist; it's white with weird irregular green... column-type structures in front, curved and set at odd angles, with odd shapes cut out of them. The windows are all square (except for the little round one on the front, the little triangular one on the side, and the little diamond-shaped one in back) with red trim... and they're irregularly spaced, and one is a foot lower than its neighbors, and there are some that wrap around the corners. Then of course there's the wavy green wall with the staircase behind it!

Maybe I'll build a Lego model of it someday. But first I wanna build a Lego model of the Waterwall and archway next to the Transco Tower (sorry, the Williams Tower).

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