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YouTube, QUIT IT

YouTube has been messing around with the design of their video widget quite a bit lately.

Y'know, I can learn to live with the lack of a rewind-to-start button. Sometimes the widget has a weird color scheme for some reason, but I don't even care about that. For some reason, if I wait too long before clicking "play" on an embedded video it'll tell me "We're sorry, this video is no longer available", and I recently figured out that doesn't necessarily mean the video's been deleted, it may just mean I have to reload the page to see the video; this is a mere speedbump. And the inability to seek to anywhere in the video except at a few oddly-spaced points...

...doesn't PISS ME OFF as much as the volume slider being placed in a popup box instead of contained within the navigation bar! There's almost no way to make the damn thing sink back out of sight! Well, I seem to have found one way: pause the video. But that's DUMB, I want it to just GO AWAY and let me watch the video in PEACE, I don't want to INTERRUPT the video just to make a damn BOX go away!

YouTube... bring back the old volume slider. Bring. Back. The. Old. Volume. Slider.

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