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A thing of interest and a thing of annoyance

Thing of interest:

I got an unexpected package today! It came in a very large box but was surprisingly very light. What could it be? I opened it, and it was a poster from Morphicon. See, those of us who paid for hypertrophe-level registrations got custom-made badges by Kattywampus, and in keeping with the Hollywood theme of this year's con, they were parodies of movie posters. Mine looked like this, and the others can be seen by browsing through Kattywampus's gallery.

The hypertrophe badges were also made into poster-size, um, posters, mounted on foamcore, and placed in various rooms throughout the con. Mine was in the video room. When Morphicon was over, someone asked me if I'd like to take mine home with me. I was interested, but I said I wouldn't be able to take it on the plane (my suitcase isn't *that* big!), so he offered to mail it to me. Today, it arrived. Thanks, Morphicon staff!

Thing of annoyance:

Well, a minor nuisance, really. I went to Jack in the Box today to get Dad a sirloin burger, and I learned yet another pitfall of terminology there. I asked for regular fries, but I saw on the screen she added small fries to my order. I said, no, I want regular, not small.

She said, "Small is regular."

No, it's *not*! Regular is *medium*! Nobody calls small "regular"!

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