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New glasses!

Nothing wrong with the glasses I've been using, except that up until now they were my only pair, and I kept forgetting them as I left the house. I mean I'd grab the glasses case, stuff it in my bag, leave the house, get in my car, start the engine and the A/C, then open my glasses case... and find it empty.

That happened to me one too many times (actually more like five too many times) and I decided to get new glasses to wear at the computer. On Tuesday I was given an eye exam and measured. They asked me to pick out frames for them. I didn't know Hummer made glasses frames! (I'm not even kidding about that! The frames are branded "Hummer".) They said they'd call when the glasses were ready.

Yesterday they never called. This morning they didn't call. So I decided to call them. Oh, guess what, they're ready! Um, I thought they said they were gonna call. Whatever. So I went and got 'em, and the guy gave me the glasses, and a case for them that's a big macho-looking box with a big metallic plate stamped HUMMER "riveted" to the side. Well, it's good to know that if I'm ever in a collision with another pedestrian, my big boxy glasses will utterly crush his oh-so-serious-lawyer-looking puny little glasses. Muhahahaha!

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