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Pawpet Megaplex & Maps

I'm going to Pawpet MegaPlex! Got con registration, hotel reservation, plane, car rentation and plane ticket...alization! I'll be in Orlando, Florida, from Wednesday, March 19, to Tuesday, March 25.

And of course we all know what it means when furry convention time rolls around, don't we! That's right! It means it's time to buy a map. I buy a map every time I go to a con! ...Well, every time I visit a city I don't already have a map for, anyway. I've been to Orlando once, a long time ago, but that was before I started collecting maps. So I went out yesterday to buy an Orlando map. Simple matter, right? I know of two good map stores in town! At least one of them should have a nice map of Orlando, right?

Right! Except I couldn't buy it.

Lemme 'splain. First I went to the Rand McNally store in the Galleria. I looked for the Orlando maps, and they had some... but they were all those simplified tourist guide things that leave out all but the major streets. This is no good for my purposes. I want to know all the streets! For one thing, in case I get lost. There was an Easy-Finder map, but the part of town with my hotel in it is apparently just off the edge.

Well, bah. So, later in the day, I headed over to the Key Map store... but by the time I got there, they were closed! Who knew it'd be so hard to get a proper map of a popular vacation spot?

So anyway, I went back again today and looked at the shelves... nice long neat rows of Rand McNally city maps... except the Orlando box, which just had those stupid tourist things in it!

Fortunately, the nice lady behind the counter went and checked in the storeroom and brought out some real Orlando maps. Yaaay, thank you, nice lady! So now I got me a map.

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