A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Music meem

From your mp3 list/cd collection/tape stack/LP collection;

Find and provide details (Artist and track) of;

1) A song recorded before you were born
2) A song you will still listen to ten years from now
3) A song you would be embarrassed owning ten years from now
4) A song that reminds you of a good time
5) A song that reminds you of a bad time
6) A song that a friend suggested

1) The Beatles, "And I Love Her" (1964; actually, everything in their catalog up to "Magical Mystery Tour" is from before I was born.)
2) Men Without Hats, "Pop Goes the World" (I specifically list this one because I loved the album back in the '80s, and when I found it on CD recently, I wondered whether I would still love it or had outgrown it; turns out I still love it!)
3) Prince, "America" (possibly the most pro-Reagan-era-cheerleading song in my collection; I only have it because I was a Prince fan and bought the otherwise lovely "Around the World in a Day", which has it as the first track of side B.)
4) Styx, "Mr. Roboto" (I first heard it at Waterworld, back before they started closing at sundown; something about hearing "Mr. Roboto" while swimming in a brightly lit wavepool at night was sublime.)
5) Prince, "Sign 'O' the Times" (I worked at Astroworld and I was called in for a CI because some stupid security guard mistakenly thought he heard me using a dirty word; the boss lady made me sit in her office and fret before she spoke to me, and the radio was playing Prince's new single "Sign 'O' the Times", the first time I'd heard it. The morose tone of the song seemed to match my mood.)
6) Cornelius, "Fly" (Back when I read Devin Fox's LJ, he posted several entries about his favorite albums, with links to a few songs from each; he turned me on to Cornelius's "Point" album.)

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