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It's the Wacky Mooooon!


I recently added Astronomy Picture of the Day to my friends list. It's a syndicated LiveJournal feed that daily displays a photo of... pretty much anything from space. Planets, stars, galaxies, nebulas, anything. Beneath each photo is a description and explanation of what you're looking at, tricked up with many useful hyperlinks to related topics.

The latest picture is a photo showing the rough surface of the Dark Side of the Moon. Then I followed this link and was treated to an animated GIF showing the Moon's entire cycle in a quick time-lapse loop. Look at it! It's bizarre! It's wobblin' all around! I knew the Moon always kept one side facing the Earth, but I didn't know it wobbled like that! Lookit 'im goooooooo! Heehee!

The wobbling is called lunation, btw.

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