A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Chicago, Chicago, it's this town that I'm in, it's this town that I'm in...

Made it to Chicago! Well, Schaumburg, to be precise. Quick rundown of my day:

Got up at 8:30. Drove to airport.
Had a Subway sandwich for lunch so I wouldn't need to eat on the plane.
Got on the plane. Watched "The Producers" (the all-musical version with Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick) on my laptop. This is why I didn't want to eat on the plane; so I wouldn't have to interrupt the movie.
Discovered how cramped it is for me to try to use a laptop on a plane.
Had to pack up the laptop just as "Springtime for Hitler" was starting. Landed in Chicago.

Got my bags. Took shuttle to Avis.
Stood in a sloooooow line waiting for a clerk while my laptop bag and camera bag tried to cut off the circulation to my shoulders.
Got a white Chevy Impala.

Got onto I-90. Paid a toll. Stopped at the Des Plaines Oasis for a quick snack.
Remember that time I got confused by the freeway signs, missed my exit, and had to pay an extra toll? I didn't let that happen again!
Got to the Hyatt Woodfield, the first time I've ever been there when it wasn't the dead of winter. The trees around the hotel were doing something weird! I think it's called "blooming".
Also, a bunch of rooms in one corner of the building have been all torn out for some sort of renovation. Fortunately, my room wasn't near them.

The inside of the hotel looked weird too. No furries!
Checked in. Plugged in the laptop, watched the rest of "The Producers". Watched some deleted scenes and outtakes. Man, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick sure got the giggles a lot!
Some guy tried to get into my room. Fortunately for me, his keycard wasn't working. I told him this was my room, and he left, presumably to return to the lobby and ask why they tried to assign two guests to the same room.

Went out to a coffee house called Coffeehaus. Met linnaeus and other LAFF (Lake Area Furry Friends) members. We chatted awhile.
We went to a nearby Denny's for dinner, and chatted another while.
One of the furs went outside and came back in wearing a wolf suit. The staff got a kick outta that!

Returned to the hotel. My key didn't work. Wondered if it had something to do with the guy who tried to enter my room earlier.
Went down to the lobby all tired and annoyed. The clerk seemed to have trouble finding my reservation in the computer. Hoo boy.
Eventually he gave me another key card, I came back up here and tried it, and it worked.

Tomorrow: Sightseeing!

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