A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Electrodes & movies

Yesterday I went to the doctor because the previous week I'd had a couple of episodes of odd feelings of nervousness and shortness of breath. I mentioned that it felt like my heart was racing, so he had me wear a take-home heart monitor for 24 hours. Thing is, I've been fine for a week now. No idea what it was or if it will ever recur. Maybe it was just some sort of anxiety attack. Anyway, the heart monitor was burdensome, and it was connected to me by five sticky, itchy electrodes that I couldn't remove until 3:30 today.

So I didn't want to leave the house. So I stayed home and watched "Stranger Than Fiction", the best Will Ferrell movie ever, because it's a subtle mindfucky sci-fiey sort of story featuring normal people in the modern world, and because it doesn't have Will Ferrell doing his usual wacky schtick. This movie is to Will Ferrell what "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is to Jim Carrey. Also stars Emma Thompson as the struggling writer who Will Ferrell finds out is going to kill him off.

After the movie, I stopped the heart monitor and removed the electrodes with a great deal of pain, some rubbing alcohol, and scissors. Then I put on a shirt and left the house to return the monitor, and also to catch a movie. Today was a movie-y day for me. I decided to go see "Iron Man". First, of course, there were trailers, for such movies as Adam Sandler in "You Don't Mess With The Zohan", about an Israeli commando who becomes a New York hairstylist, and Mike Myers in "The Love Guru". Man, when did Mike Myers become less funny than Adam Sandler? Man, it was a long time ago! There was also a trailer for the next Chronicles of Narnia, but I could barely see it over the glare of the cell phone of the idiot in front of me who was texting. They need to not just say "Silence your cell phones", they need to say "Turn the damn things OFF" or something.

The movie was smashing! Very smashing. Literally. Someone ought to make glowy medallions that look like the hi-tech power cell embedded in Robert Downey Jr.'s chest, and sell them at toy stores or conventions. Jeff Bridges was bald and evil, but it was good to hear him say the word "board" again, even if it was only "of directors". I've been told to stay till the end of the credits, but the bit at the end was targeted to more rabid comic book fans than me.

The spots on my skin where the electrodes were have been itching all day, and when I took off my shirt, they were ringed with red. A rash? No. There was still adhesive left behind, and I was wearing a red shirt all day. I'm gonna want to clean that gunk off before bedtime.

Edit: After cleaning off the adhesive... now I've got a rash. Sheesh!

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