A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Got my laptop working!

All right! I have successfully gotten my laptop turned on and connected to the internet. Also, I bought a wireless mouse for it, and the first time I tried using it, it didn't work, but then Jon told me the magical incantation to make it work: press the tiny "Connect" button on the receiver while it's turned on, then press the "Connect" button on the bottom of the mouse. It works!

Then I tried to play a DVD. MediaDirect launched, but told me it couldn't play the disc because it was the wrong region. The disc was region 1, while the region code the player was set to was labeled "Free". Um, shouldn't that mean it can play any region? I started trying to research how to get around the region encoding, but it sounded too complicated. I just set the player to region 1, and the disc played. I'm not an anime fan anyway, nor am I expecting to want to order any DVDs from Africa, so it shouldn't cause me any problems. Anyway, it'll let me change the player's DVD region code a whopping four more times. DVD region coding is such bullsheets.

Now to see if this thing will play CDs.

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