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In the spirit of chipuni's trivia quizzes, here's an Engrish exam! Hope you've studied.

  1. What is "evirob" the essence of?
  2. When do ladies use the word "sweat"?
  3. Why does coffee taste so good when your'e naked with your family?
  4. What is top of cool shape in the world?
  5. Thread of length need how many as tad?
  6. Who always stays near you and steals in your mind tolead you into a good shituation?
  7. no one really goes to aqua bar for the drinks, but we make sure our drinks won't what?
  8. We establised a fine coffee, what everybody can say what?
  9. What kind of world is this?
  10. What is the low of nature?
  11. Side by side, I'll be yours forever. Why?
  12. Never dissemble the gun by yourself, which will cause what?

  1. Weird life.
  2. When they feel it best for their best.
  3. I wonder.
  4. Square.
  5. Half as many again.
  6. Mr. Friendly.
  7. kill you.
  8. TASTY!
  9. It's kind of crap!
  10. Mutual help.
  11. Because please don't weep.
  12. The trouble and dangerous.

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