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Well this was a crap day

Well, I was gonna play with my new laptop today, but the power went out around 11:30. So after running around in circles going aaaargh for a bit, I called the power company, ran around in circles on their phone menu, they told me to call another number, I ran around in circles on the other number's phone menu, and finally got word that they were aware of the problem (a "circuit lockout", they said), and it would be fixed around 1 pm. So I went outside to avoid heating up the house too much.

I did buy a few accessories for my laptop, though; a carrying case and a wireless mouse. When I got home, Mom was there and said we needed milk and Pepsi, so I went out to get those. Oh, and I still have to reset a bunch of clocks and take the trash out, after which I'm still not gonna be ready to play with the laptop. Hopefully tomorrow.

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