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I dream in color

In the movie "Oh God", which I saw years ago, there's a snippet of conversation that goes somewhat like the following:

George: I'm dreaming. That must be it.
God: What color are my eyes?
George: Blue.
God Do you dream in color?
George: No.
God: Well, there you go.

This scene made me wonder whether I dream in color. I couldn't remember ever dreaming in black-and-white, but then I figured, what if I do and just never notice? I was pretty sure I dreamed in color; I just couldn't really prove it.

Well, now I can! Because last night I had a dream in which color figured in the "plot".

For example, I noticed a piano that was comically mixed up: some of the keys were not black or white but colored (red, orange, etc.) and instead of playing piano notes, they played silly noises, like whistles and such. Also, part of the dream was in black and white, and I noticed that it was, and I was aware that this was an unusual situation. Also, I discovered that within this black-and-white world, I could see things in color by getting my flashlight from my room and shining it on them.

Also there was this orange powder in a jar, and this guy there said it would make the world colored again if he scattered it in the wind. I decided to try it, so I took some powder and threw it out the window. I knew what was going to happen: I'd see the world outside in black and white except where there was powder in the air, through which I'd be able to see the grass as green. Except that it worked the other way around: I saw green grass where there wasn't powder. And it became one of those moments where I'm sort of aware I'm dreaming, and I think I can control what I'm seeing if I just concentrate, so I tried to make myself see it the other way around. I woke up before I could make it work, though.

So anyway, next time someone tells you everyone dreams in black and white, tell 'em they're wrong!

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