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Behind The Scenes - the stories behind my LJ icons

This is kinda long, so I'll lj-cut it.

My complete collection of icons can be seen here: http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=kinkyturtle


Yig-ped -- My default icon, drawn specially for LJ. My first icon was a hastily cropped version of http://www.conmicro.cx/~kturtle/cartoons/kthiheels.jpg , but later I decided I wanted an image that was custom-made, was nicer-looking, and contained the word 'yig-ped'. (Which, in case you're wondering, does not mean anything.)

Angry Turtle -- Edited and cropped version of http://www.conmicro.cx/~kturtle/cartoons/ktfreecell.gif . For use when I'm in an argumentative mood (which fortunately isn't often).

Puzzled Turtle -- Drawn specially for LJ. It's a PNG with 8-bit alpha-channel transparency, which is how I got the neat smooth-fade effect at the bottom (if your browser can display it). Its use should be obvious. :}

Bomb -- Edited cropped version of http://www.conmicro.cx/~kturtle/cartoons/orvan.gif . For use whenever something goes wrong.

Fighter Card -- Parody of that fad that's been going around of making an LJ icon by altering an image from some set of fighter card images with stats on 'em, I dunno what it is but I think the words "Capcom" and "SNK" are involved somehow. For use when I'm in a really silly mood, or something needs ketchup.

Yaaay -- Drawn specially for LJ. I wanted something to show off KT's three arms, and decided to also give it the purpose of being a nice exuberant cheery huggy pic. The rounded corners are... just something I thought of at the last minute.


ZAP -- A photo taken at a room party at Further Confusion 2001. The camera flash reflecting off the mirror behind me made it look like I was shooting a ball of energy out of my eyes! For use when I'm being serious (which also isn't very often).

Grey Cycle -- A nifty... THING ...I figured out how to do with an image. Each pixel lightens until it's white, then it becomes black and starts over. I made this long before I ever got a LJ, then found that the GIF was within LJ userpic guidelines, so I uploaded it. For use with especially 'weird' or 'mindbending' posts.

Me & Minerva -- Photo taken by Lou Leghorn at Anthrocon 2000, where Mitch Beiro proposed to Minerva Mink in a Masquerade skit. After the show, Minerva posed for pictures. For use with posts about fursuits, cons, etc. whenever I don't feel like using the "Furry" icon (see below).

MST3K -- The photo is from a recent furry get-together here in Houston; I forget where I got the MST theater silhouette. The secret to putting them together is to lighten the dark parts of the photo a bit; I did this in Photoshop by putting a layer over the photo, filling it with white, and giving it a low opacity value. For use when talking about movies or comedy.


Apple Venus -- The peacock feather from the cover of XTC's album Apple Venus. For use when talking about music, art, or general colorfulness.

Dapper Sefo -- Cropped and flipped version of http://www.conmicro.cx/~kturtle/cartoons/dapper.jpg . The background is a photo from Abbey Road in England. Replaces an earlier photo of me as a two-headed person that I concocted in Photoshop. For use when showing off how smart I am, or talking about characters other than KT.

Land of the Midnight Snack -- I wanted a pic of Cookie Monster, so I looked around on the official Sesame Street site, and found a nice coloring-book picture, which I downloaded and colored. Then I decided I wanted it to have an incongruous background. I settled on this dramatic coastal sunset image, then thought of the phrase "Land of the Midnight Snack" when I got to the "edit keywords" page.

Furry -- Long ago on IRC, someone (possibly HubCity) decided to see how the channel would look in MS Comic Chat. At the same time, I was talking about my recent (eventually short-lived) foray onto FurryMUCK, which elicited the comment "Furry turtle?" I decided this frame from the resulting comic would be perfect for a "furry" icon!

Jackla Jod -- One time back in the '80s, I glanced at an upside-down 12-pack box of Dr Pepper, and thought I saw the word "jack". I then deciphered the entire logo into "jackla jOd", which I thought sounded wonderful! Like a name from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or something! Now, several years later, I went looking and found a copy of the '80s-style Dr Pepper logo, turned it upside-down, tweaked it a bit to make it look more obviously like "jackla jod", colored it and used it for posts about beverages or wordplay.

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