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Yesterday I received a package via UPS! It contained two thingies I had recently ordered online-ly: a Yerf T-shirt and a Yerf tote bag. (Yerf, in this case, being http://yerf.com the furry art archive) and if you go there and follow the merchandise link and then click the cafeshops link you'll eventually get to http://www.cafeshops.com/yerf which is where I ordered the nifty yerfy stuff from.

It's nifty! Did I mention it's nifty? 'Cos it's nifty.

Maybe I'll take the Yerf tote bag next time I go to a furry con, to carry stuff I buy in the Dealer Den around in. Or maybe I'll put my sketchbook in it when I fly on a plane, so I can put my big black bag in a suitcase and check it and not have to worry about security confiscating all the big round furry-related buttons I have pinned to it! (I dunno if they would confiscate it, but I don't wanna risk it, and anyway it might hold up the works, because there's lots of them and the X-ray guy might say "What the hell?! Bring that over here for a hand search, ya dang freak!" or whatever.)

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