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PCD (Post-con dream-o-rama)

Diary update: I'm slowly but unsteadily making progress, and I should have another couple pages uploaded tomorrow; maybe tonight if I can exert enough willpower to stay away from jigzone.com.

Meanwhile, here's a furry-con-related dream I had last night:

I was in a hotel at the front desk, in line behind a married couple checking in. As they walked off, the desk clerk noticed that the woman had left her glasses case on the counter. "Oh well, she'll be back," he said to himself. I offered to take it, run after the couple and give it to them. The clerk agreed, and told me they were in room 403 (in case I couldn't catch them before I got on the elevator). In fact, he handed me a sheet of little punch-out tags of plastic, all with the number 403 printed on them, so I could easily remember.

I took the glasses case and the plastic number tags and ran down the hall. On the way, I noticed it was the same hotel that Further Confusion was held in this year, but it was a few weeks after the con. Sure enough, the couple had already gotten on an elevator and disappeared, so I got on another one.

As I got on, I noticed there was a kid in the elevator, about 14, wearing fursuit feet. So I joked to the other people in the elevator, "Oh boy, the con's about to start! I can't wait to hit the Dealer's Den, and go to the Creator's Lounge, and go out and eat!" Everybody in the elevator laughed.

To my dismay, the elevator opened not on the fourth floor, but on the tenth floor, which struck me as weird because the elevator only had buttons going up to 5 or maybe 6. So I shrugged and pushed the 4 button.

On the fourth floor, the hallway was crowded with people waiting to get into their rooms. I didn't know why they couldn't get in; some unpleasant new hotel policy, perhaps. I turned a corner to find room 403, when I dropped the can of Dr Pepper I'd been carrying (dream continuity error; I didn't actually have a can up to that point!) I picked it up off the floor, mightily pissed and absolutely certain it was now too shaken up to open!

Then I woke up from the dream. And one of the first thoughts I had as I lay there was: "Wait a minute... everybody in the elevator laughed, which means they got the joke, which means they were all furries! But what were so many furries doing in the hotel so long after the con ended?"

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