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Is it over?

I'm up at 6 am checking LiveJournal. It seems to be working well now, which is good... by last night it had become painfully unusable, thanks to that scumsucking lowlife shithead fucking asshole who decided to start bombarding LJ with DDOS attacks. I hate being this angry. Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. I don't like me when I'm angry. I went to bed last night seriously worried that the attacker could succeed in killing LJ if he really wanted to. If he did, I'd say to him, "I hope you're fucking satisfied, you waste of protein. You managed to destroy something that was wonderful and useful for millions of people. Good for you! Now hold still and let me beat you to death and tear you apart with this clawhammer."

Wheeeeew, it felt good to let all that out. Like I said, LJ seems to be working now. I hope this means the attack is finally over.

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