A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Yay for CD burners!

Using my CD burner, I reduced my 9-disc set of Andy Partridge's "Fuzzy Warbles" (8 volumes plus a bonus disc) down to 4 discs, by cutting out the tracks that are demo versions of previously released songs. (They're interesting to listen to, academically, but for regular listening I pretty much always prefer the final versions.)

Now not only can I enjoy Fuzzy Warbles in the car without having to skip through the demos of PRSes, I get to leave my expensive imported CDs at home and not worry about scratching them, plus I just freed up 4 slots in my CD travel case. (I wasn't carrying the bonus disc around because it's only got one non-demo-of-PRS track on it, which I tacked onto the end of the fourth CD-R.) Perhaps I'll put some Kraftwerk in there!

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