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Jeez, Maw...

I believe I just now heard a Duracell commercial on Dad's TV saying something about Duracell batteries being used on the space shuttle or something, and then an announcer said something along the lines of, "If you think this technology is just for outer space..."

...then apparently you think we should be a society of peasant astronauts, launching rockets from our thatched-roof cottageeeeeeeees. :}

Or perhaps out of barns or grain silos. Maybe we should be astronaut farmers!

"Paw, after you get the wheat threshed, be sure to pick up those batteries and CPUs from the general store."
"Jeez, Maw, cain't we use some of that stuff on the farm? I'm gittin' mighty tired of assembling halogen lights by the light of an oil lamp, an' orderin' advanced telecommunications gear via Pony Express. Couldn't we just--"
"No, that stuff's for outer space only! Now get crackin'!"

(Almost done packing, then I'm heading out to the airport to look for accommodations for the night. See everybody at FC!)

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