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Current plan

Right now I have three options:

1. Go to bed way earlier than I usually do, and hope to get enough sleep and be able to wake up enough around 6:30 am to drive all the way across town to the airport without falling asleep at the wheel and crashing.

This is the least desirable option; too dangerous.

2. Get a taxi to take me to the airport tomorrow morning.

This is probably what most people would do.

3. Drive across town tonight and look for a motel room near the airport, then make the short drive to the airport tomorrow morning.

This will probably cost about the same as a taxi ride, and it sounds like more fun, so that's what I'm going to do. :}

4. Find everybody whose bad decisions are making my life hard and kill them.

This has three problems: [1] It won't solve my problems, because new people will step in and take their places, and it'll be back to business as usual. [2] The list of people includes employees at Orbitz, Continental Airlines, and the federal government, which pretty much assures I'd never get out of prison. [3] All of this ain't gonna help get me to Further Confusion any easier.

So, motel it is.

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