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I'm not a happy traveler

So I originally booked a flight to San Jose departing 11:10 am Wednesday (tomorrow). Sometime last year Orbitz informed me the departure time had changed to 11:55 am, 45 minutes later. Fine, no problem.

Well, just last night I got a "get ready for your trip" email from Orbitz. I read it and suddenly discovered my flight time had been changed to 9:10 am! What the hell, people! I'm gonna have to go to bed 2 hours earlier than I planned if I don't wanna fall asleep at the wheel and crash on my way to the airport! When did this get changed?

I called Continental just now and was told that [1] Continental has no other nonstop flights available tomorrow (there's one at 6 pm but it's booked solid), and [2] this change was made back on October 13.

So, concerning [1], the agent mentioned a 5 pm flight with a stop in Salt Lake City, but I decided to stick with what I have, figuring that taking a connecting flight will increase the probability of my luggage getting lost. Concerning [2], did Orbitz notify me and I just missed the message somehow? I'll have to dig through my email files later and check, I guess.

Razzafrazzin' companies.

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