A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Cloverfield: Spoilery paper

The Houston Chronicle's review of "Cloverfield", printed today, contains some spoilers which are not flagged as such. Tsk tsk.

Part of the review text reads:

"It doesn't show too much. It doesn't blast away at our eyeballs with too many money shots and exploding showstoppers. The creature lays waste to New York with the aid of some dandy CGI, but we don't get a full view of his (her?) face until the last act (love them pulsing head sacs). He retains an air of mystery--a monstrous je ne sais quoi that makes him all the freakier. That, and those nattering parasitical spider thingies that drop from his enormous bod and go about the Big Apple saying "Ah-numa-numa-numa-num" before biting people with spectacularly gross aftereffects."

OMG, Chron, spoiler-cut!

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