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While I'm on the subject of consumables at hotels...

Hey there, furry fans!

So you've decided to bring your own food to the con, so you won't go broke eating out every day?
Great idea!

Planning to make a tuna sandwich for lunch today?
Sounds yummy!

Did you just throw that tuna can in the wastebasket?

That thing is gonna stink up the whole room until the maid comes again! And if she's already been there today, that means it's going to stink all night long! Here's what to do:

1. Fish that can out of the trash. Or, if you didn't throw it in there yet, good. Don't.
2. Take it into the bathroom and rinse it in the sink until every particle of tuna and drop of oily liquid has been washed out and the inside of the can is sparkly clean.
3. Dry it out.
4. OK, NOW throw it in the trash.

Your roommates, assuming they have noses, will thank you!

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