A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Sweeney Todd

I saw it today! Johnny Depp makes a great Sweeney Todd, who can indeed sing (his singing voice sounds a bit like David Bowie) and Helena Bonham Carter is an appropriately gothy Mrs. Lovett, maker of the worst meat pies in London until about the middle of the movie.

It's unusually bloody for a film based on a Broadway musical! Really, you can see blood squirting from necks onscreen. The first neck is that of Signor Pirelli, played by Sacha Baron Cohen in a fake Italian accent. The last belongs (or does it?) to the evil Judge Snape Turpin (Alan Rickman), killed by the monster he created when he sent poor Benjamin Barker to an Australian prison colony on false charges 15 years before the events of the movie. Anyway, if you're interested in something macabre this holiday season, you can do no better or bloodier than to see "Sweeney Todd". Though you might decide to eat at a vegetarian restaurant afterwards... :}

Also I found a new Cars diecast figure: Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet, which is Doc in his "Fabulous" paint job, wearing a headset. Oh, and I got a piece of wood sawed!

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