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Life in Cartoon Motion yet again

I've been listening to Mika's "Life in Cartoon Motion" several times, and I like the whole thing a lot better than when I first listened to it. (One thing that helps is to skip the bonus track at the end. It's beautiful, but it's *very* slow and somber, and I think it threw off my reviewage of the album the first time around.) In fact, I don't know why I said some of the songs sounded unfinished. So, um, ignore that part!

Also, I was finally able to decipher Raffa Kobeisi's story (the heavily-accented talking bracketing the song "Any Other World"). Raffa is a friend of Mika's mother, and she is Lebanese, and she tells a story in which she was going to get married, but her groom left her for another woman, and then during an attack, she lost an eye in a bomb blast. It's a sad story, though I find I can't help laughing when she says "My eyes gone, and now I have only one eyes".

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