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OMG what was that?? Sheeyit it's a different KEY!!!

Wow, here's a website put up by some guy who just hates it when a song changes key. Musicians call it "modulation", but he calls it a "truck driver's gear change", because apparently that's how much of a jolt it is to him when a song does that. I'm sure it's all tongue-in-cheek, but every entry I've read so far has sorta gone like this:

[description of key change in perfectly good song, plus audio clip that sounds perfectly nice to me]
Him: "Horrible, isn't it?"
Me: "Pfft, you poor delicate thing you."

I know, to each his own, and like I said, it's all tongue in cheek, and amusingly cranky. I just gotta wonder, how many people out there would actually agree with this guy?

(Also, I bet the Animaniacs theme would make his head explode!) >:}

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