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Home from MFF!

MFF was fun! Highlights of the con for me: letting everybody pet my furry orange book, drawing stuff with babsbunny, Shine Bright Bear making skull pie out of nefaria's head, going to Olive Garden, ordering something new and enjoying it (parmesan crusted tilapia), seeing 2's show (which I was told was the same material he did at AC, but I missed his show at AC, so hey, works for me), participating in Pawpet Idol (even though I didn't win), and lots of other stuff I'm not remembering at the moment.

Lowlights of the con: getting a sore throat.

Oh, and something from the drive home that was almost a lowlight for me (but was for someone else): There are several spots along US-59 in Texas where you must take a freeway exit and get on a different road to stay on 59*. At one such spot on the north side of Lufkin, southbound traffic on 59 must take a cloverleaf loop to stay on 59 (the continuation of the road, also marked 59 on that link, is actually business 59). I was second of a group of 3 or 4 cars on that loop, and as we entered it, I saw an imposing black SUV marked STATE TROOPER lurking in the grass next to the loop. As we all continued around, the state trooper got on the loop and followed us, flashing his cop lights. Was he after me? Fortunately, no. He was after the car ahead of me.

Thing is, the car ahead of me was doing about the same speed as I was, and I was doing about 20 mph, which was the speed limit on the loop. Even though it wasn't me he caught, it pissed me off that he'd resort to such evil sneaky speedtrap tactics.

Fortunately I got home without ever being pulled over!

*Interstates don't pull that kinda crap. Except for one spot on I-55 on the west side of Memphis.

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